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NCWRA is the North Carolina state section of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA). AWRA is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the multidisciplinary advancement of water resources management, research, and education. It serves the diverse water resources community with annual national conferences and regional specialty conferences. Topics span the fields of engineering, forestry, biology, ecology, geography, and hydrology as well as have applications for managers, regulators, and attorneys. The Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) has published water resources research for over 40 years.

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NCWRA cooperates with a variety of local partners to organize events and promote sharing of information. NCWRA sponsers a joint student poster competition at the WRRI annual conferenceholds an event each year in cooperation with the Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina, at the WRRI annual conference.

Duke Water Network

The Duke Water Network (DWN) is a student chapter of the AWRA formed on September 25, 2015 at the renowned Duke University. The NCWRA seeks to join forces with the DWN to connect students with community members and professionals in the water resources field through networking and academic opportunities. Contact [email protected] to receive information about upcoming events and DWN news, or visit their LinkedIn page to join the already 114 (and growing) member network.