NCWRA Website Update

In case you hadn't noticed, NCWRA updated our website in Spring of 2020 with a whole new look, smoother navigation, and added functionality. Let us know if you have any suggestions for further improving to open up the discussion. ([email protected])

2020 Spring Social

The NCWRA Spring Social was not held this year due to the Corona Virus. We missed you and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

February 2020 Forum

February 3rd, 2020

Storm Events and the North Carolina Coast: Improving Assessment and Response

Rachel T. Noble, Distinguished Professor of Marine Sciences, UNC Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences 

Dr. Noble’s presentation reviewed novel storm event (including extreme events such as hurricanes) data collection approaches and the need for quantitative data for microbial and chemical contaminants in order to make positive improvements in coastal water quality in North Carolina.  The presentation included details on a current project that is ongoing in the Town of Beaufort, where collaboration with other stakeholders has resulted in unique data collection approaches, including autonomous boats.  Both the data presentation and the decision making part of stormwater assessments were explored.

Coastal SW

2019 Spring Social

This year's Spring Social event was held at the Lynwood Brewing Concern in Raleigh. It was a time to relax, socialize, and network with peers over a locally brewed, quality craft beer. The food was sponsored by the NCWRA. Credit goes to the Membership Committee for planning this event. Thank you guys, for a wonderful evening!

Check out photos from the event!

NCWRA 2019 Annual Report

The Association is pleased to present our NCWRA Annual Report to the membership. This report opens with a message from the outgoing president, and highlights committee and board accomplishments for the year. Elected officers and board members are published. The Annual Report serves to communicate our partnership efforts, accomplishments, and on-going activities to all members of the organization. We encourage our members to continue to engage in and support our committees and board members as we continue the growth of collaboration opportunities and events into 2020!

2018 NCWRA Summer Retreat

The North Carolina Water Resources Association held a strategic planning retreat on July 16th. Members of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen met for a half of a day in Morrisville, NC to reflect on the organization's overarching goal, and to revisit their logic model for accomplishing desired outcomes. It was an eventful as well as enjoyable day for all! Find out more about the work of your Association's leaders by reading the Meeting Summary.

NCWRA Board Members for 2020

Based on elections in December, the following are new positions on the NCWRA Board of Directors for 2020:

President: Daniel Wiebke

President-Elect: Jen Schmitz

Past President: Rob Hopper

Secretary: Mathew Hornak

Treasurer: Amy Crowley

Members-At-Large: Cam McNutt, Isaac Hinson, Barbara Doll, Michael Wood, Marilyn Mayer, Jason Doll