Webinar Guidelines

Please read for information on webinar rules and further down for FAQs regarding webinars. We hope this information will enhance the experience of our webinar participants as well as help event staff manage this service.

General Rules and Webinar Guidelines

  • Webinars will not be posted on NCWRA.org after the event. They are for live/real-time viewing only.

  • As with previous forums, PowerPoint presentations will be posted for members only as part of our member benefits. To take advantage of this perk, please visit the Membership page

  • Once you register for either the luncheon or webinar, you cannot change your registration category after the early registration deadline (e.g. if originally registered for a luncheon, you cannot change to a webinar registration after the early registration deadline has passed).

  • For IT/technical difficulties encountered during the webinar, please contact Robert Chapman, IT staff at the McKimmon Center, at [email protected]. Do not email or call any WRRI staff or NCWRA board members as they cannot assist with technical difficulties during the event.

Webinars and PDH Credits

  • In order to receive PDH credits for viewing an NCWRA webinar, you must:
    • Either have registered as an individual or be covered under a group registration (see group registration details below).

    • Fill out and return both the forum evaluation form and the Board of Examiners sponsor evaluation form (both of which will be emailed to you before the event) within 5 business days of viewing the webinar. Upon receipt of completed evaluations, an electronic certificate of completion will be emailed to each participant.

  • Group Registrations and PDH credits:
    • In order to provide a convenient opportunity for people to view the webinar together and for individuals to receive individual PDH credits, we have instituted a group viewing policy. We ask that, on the honor system, you adhere to this policy. If you would like to view the webinar as a group, select the group viewing rate on the registration form.

    • A maximum 10 participants may receive PDH credits under a single group viewing registration. If additional persons need PDH credits, they must either submit an individual registration form or a new group registration form and pay appropriate fees.

    • A instructional email will be sent to the primary person who submitted a group registration containing the necessary forms to receive PDH credits. It is the responsibility of that person to forward the information to others who are participating in the group viewing. NCWRA and WRRI are not responsible for other group participants who do not receive this information.

    • The primary registrant submitting a registration form on behalf of a group is asked to send a list of names and email addresses of participants in his/her group to [email protected] within 5 business days of viewing the webinar using the Group Attendee SignIn Sheet. This is critical for NCWRA to track participation and enhance future offerings and viewer experiences. Upon receipt of completed evaluations and the attendee signin sheet, an electronic certificate of completion will be emailed to each participant.

Webinar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are you charging the same amount for a webinar viewing as for the luncheon when a webinar participant does not get lunch?

A: It costs several hundreds of dollars to offer the webinar, so while we are not paying for webinar participants’ luncheons, there is still a hefty IT fee to cover through registrations.

Q: Why is the group viewing rate so high?

A: The group rate is priced such that if you have 5 or fewer people registering, then financially it makes more sense to register as individuals. We find that most organizations will send several people to an event. For larger groups (up to 10), the group rate is a great value and helps us to cover the cases where an organization has a large number of people viewing the webinar that also want to receive PDH credit.

Q: Why can’t I change between a webinar and a luncheon registration after the early registration deadline?

A: One reason is that it is very time consuming for our staff to make so many changes to registrations in addition to the corrections we already have to make to our registration list. Trust us, you won’t be the only person asking to make this change for each forum. The other reason is that the early deadline is set based on when we send our final headcount to the caterers for the in-person luncheon, and it creates problems when we constantly have to adjust our headcount.

Q: Why is there a maximum of 10 people who can receive PDHs under a single group viewing?

A: Please refer to the group rate question above. We feel that covering 10 individuals for PDHs under this rate is a great value. For additional people seeking PDHs, another group or individual registration can be submitted.

Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy for webinars?

A: Please refer to the general refund policy for all NCWRA events:

Refund Policy: NCWRA will refund forum fees up to 7 days prior to the event. After this, only substitutions will be accepted. NCWRA CANNOT give credit for future forums as the funds are used to cover present FORUM expenses. Faxed registrations paid by check will not be registered until the check is received.